A Team of Veteran Innovators

Quintessent is guided by a team of veteran innovators with a long track record of entrepreneurial success in the photonics industry.  We are developing connectivity solutions to accelerate large-scale AI/ML computing systems by combining innovations in silicon photonic integrated circuits, quantum dot gain media, and system level co-design.  Our future-proof technology stack is rooted in 10+ years of research at UC Santa Barbara.

Alan Liu


Alan currently serves as the CEO of Quintessent.  He was previously an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton and advised on various  photonics R&D programs for clients at DARPA and ARPA-E.  Alan obtained his PhD from Professor John Bowers’ group at UCSB where he performed research that is now part of Quintessent’s core technology.  

John is a serial entrepreneur in the field of photonics and has co-founded Aurrion (acquired by Juniper Networks), Aerius Photonics (acquired by FLIR), Terabit Technologies (acquired by Ciena), Calient Technologies, and has been an advisor to many others.  John currently holds appointments at the UCSB ECE/Materials departments, and also serves as Deputy CEO of AIM Photonics.  


John Bowers


Alex Fang


Alex is a managing partner at Entrada Ventures and serves on the Board of Quintessent. Alex was co-founder and CEO of Aurrion, which was a company he co-founded with Professor John Bowers to commercialize his thesis work at UCSB. Alex led Aurrion from its inception all the way to its eventual acquisition by Juniper Networks.

Milton is managing partner of Incubic and was previously president of Newport Corporation and New Focus, which he took public. The companies he incubated have resulted in six IPOs and seven acquisitions.  Milton is a Trustee of Caltech and served on the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies. He earned his BS from the University of Illinois and PhD from Caltech.

Milton Chang


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