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OFC 2023

OFC 2023

Mar 5, 2023 - Mar 9, 2023

Dr. Alan Liu presents "Heterogeneous Integration of QD Lasers on Si: Challenges and Perspectives".

OFC 2023

PIC International 2023

Apr 18, 2023 - Apr 19, 2023

Dr. Michael Davenport presents "Quantum Dot Lasers on Silicon for Highly Parallel Data Transmission".

OFC 2023

OCP Global Summit

Oct 19, 2022 - Oct 19, 2022

Dr. Alan Liu presents:

"DWDM Photonics for Optical Compute Interconnects" at the Future Technologies Symposium"

"Scaling Optical Connectivity with DWDM Silicon Photonics" in the Special Focus Optics Track"

"Optics Industry at the Crossroads Once Again" panel discussion in the Special Focus Optics Track"

OFC 2023

ECOC 2022

Sep 18, 2022 - Sep 22, 2022

Dr. Alan Liu presents "Heterogeneous Integration of Quantum Dot Photonics for Optical Connectivity".

OFC 2023

CS Mantech

May 9, 2022 - May 12, 2022

Dr. Brian Koch presents "Enabling Bandwidth Scaling for Datacenter and AI/ML Applications Using III-V and Silicon Photonic Devices".

OFC 2023

OFC 2022

Mar 5, 2022 - Mar 9, 2022

Dr. Alan Liu will participate in a panel discussion titled "Beyond Silicon Photonics: New Technologies for Pluggable and Co-Packaged Optics", sponsored by the Open Compute Project.

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